About Us

Rein Anchor Ranch is located 15 miles west of Melville. The Melville ranching community is connected by a love of the land, the memories of past generations, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to neighbor. The Melville Lutheran Church, the oldest Lutheran Congregation in Montana, is a mainstay in the stability of the community.

To date, three generations of Rein children have been raised on the Rein Anchor Ranch. Each generation grew up working on the ranch and were an integral part of ranch operations. The “Anchor” brand has been used since 1912 when C.M. Rein bought a herd of cattle branded with the anchor.
In 1986 drought conditions and the cyclical nature of the cattle industry lead Chuck and Pam to diversify the ranching operation with outfitting big-game hunters.

The management goals of the Rein Anchor Ranch are based on a longstanding philosophy held dear by four generations of Reins: “If one takes care of the land, it in turn will take care of you.” Our roots run deep in this land and it is the Rein's goal to be responsible stewards of the land and its resources.
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