Montana no longer offers the non-resident outfitter sponsored or guaranteed license due to the passage of ballot initiative 161 in November 2010.

Montana has a preference point system. We urge you to use this system to give you the best chance possible to obtain license in the general drawing. Please refer here for detailed information on this preference point system.

Licensing details, costs, online applications and deadlines are available at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks web site.

Elk & Deer

There are three options for the general draw for elk and deer:
1)Big Game Combination (Elk/Deer)
2)Elk Combination (Elk only)
3)Deer Combination (Deer only)

Antelope & Mountain Goat

Antelope and mountain goat permits are available by drawing only.

Antelope: Antelope permits are readily available and rarely does a person not draw. Apply for Area 590 first choice and do not apply for second or third choice.

Mountain Goat: Mountain goat permits are not readily available. Drawing one is a long shot. Apply for Area 313, be persistent and keep your fingers crossed.
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