Elk Hunting Rein Anchor Outfitting #1Anchor Outfitting promises you a great time pursuing the elusive wapiti. The rugged terrain provides the seclusion necessary for the bull elk to reach maturity. We have no point restrictions on bull elk. You are free to take the bull of your choice.

We have a string of gentle, well mannered horses to get us into the high country and pack your trophy back to camp. If you would rather not ride a horse, we use a combination of 4-wheel drive pickups and walking to get to the game. The elevation of the country in which we hunt elk ranges from just under 6,000 feet to over 9,000 feet. This diversity allows you a hunting situation matched to the type of hunt you desire and your physical condition.

You will leave camp early, but not always before sunrise. Many times, especially later in the season, elk can be seen as day breaks from the cabin porch. You will ride horseback, walk, or drive from camp to the location you and your guide have decided to hunt. If you are not into elk by late morning you will return to camp (you may or may not pack a lunch depending on weather conditions and the location of the elk) for a hot lunch and a little rest before the evening hunt. The evening hunt usually consists of setting up in a strategic location and waiting for the elk to come out and feed. When hunting elk there is rarely a typical day, so expect the unexpected!
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